Dec. 2007

Mostly nonsense

(with a pinch of wisdom. Sometimes.)

Anyone lookin' to rent?
Dec. 2007

OK so here's the deal.

Vixen suddenly (finally!) moved out, or rather, has been taking her sweet time moving out (Today is past the first, right?) and basically we're going to be looking for a temporary roommate shortly. Like, in the next week or so. And until October or November, so it's not a very long time. One of my Fort Worth pals was gonna move in, but then things fell through there. Here's the details:

Location: South West Austin / Manchaca and William Canon area

What: A room. It's my old room. It's not huge, it's like 10 x 10 ish. Shares a bathroom with my brother, he's kinda clean-ish, but also he's not home much these days. Spends his time at his lady friends a lot.

When: Whenever Vixen actually cleans and re-paints her room. (Soon? I can't get an answer.) Probably in the next week or two it'll be ready. Whenever I get back from San Fran I'll make sure it's all ready.

How much: We're asking $375 a month, which is $50 less than what I paid to live in the same room, so hey, it's a damn deal. (I can maybe slide a little here if needed.) Oh and 1/3 of bills, which is usually around $60-75, but this summer more like $120-140. Really. Fuck the sun.

Who: We are looking for someone trustworthy who won't steal our shit and understands that this is a temporary thing. Either gender, although again, sharing a bathroom with a sometimes slobby boy. I'd like this person to know someone I know, and pass a basic 'Hey you are cool, right' test. Also, must be 420 friendly, I don't care if you smoke or not but I sure do, often. (It's medicinal!) Would be ideal if it was someone well known, references and all. I don't want some damn weirdo living here. Well, I do, but the right kind. Oh and for fuck's sake, NO DRAMA. NONE. I don't want to replace one drama queen with another.

So, if anyone comes across anyone, that would be super. Since it's only three-four months. A deposit would be sweet but ultimately I understand this is a short-term thing and probably the kinda people who are looking for this are gonna be broke-ish.

The ability to pay rent on time and not trash things or steal is really all that's important to me, and that should include most everyone I know. So, I don't wanna say spread the word just yet, but keep an ear open. Also anyone's gonna have to get the OK from both me and my brother, no big deal, we're pretty likeable. Thanks!

Oh yeah email me with questions or leads or whatever: fish23420 (AT) gmail (DOT) com


All Done!
Dec. 2007
Friday was my last hard-core session of interferon. As of Friday night, I was done! Well, done with that part. Now I just have the damn self injections. I went back to the oncologist (onc-onc!) so they could 'teach' me. Like I've never injected anything into me before...But really, I haven't injected anything subcutaneous, which is a whole dumber ballgame. Anyway I guess the best spots for injection are in my belly. What the fuck. Seriously? OK, well, whatever. Oh wait, I need to inject myself twice a day now? Well fuck. So, twice a day, three times a week, in my fucking tummy-tum. Well, at a 45 degree angle, it's not like it's going right into my stomach or anything. It didn't hurt, just was weird. Stupid fucking needles. Stupid fucking cancer. Stupid fucking Valentine's day.

Uhg. Well, I drank beer for the first time in four weeks. It was tasty. I didn't even get drunk, just kinda buzzed and then sleepy. Somehow I managed to get red on Sunday. I guess I need to avoid the sun at all costs. Fucking sun. Grrrr.

Yep, that's about all. Oh, I finally got a damn TV. Hooray for me.

Damn I'm tired. I thought this crap was supposed to be less tired making for me. Oh well. Fucking stupid interferon. It's interferon with my fun.

Dec. 2007

Stuff, etc.
Dec. 2007
Howdy folks. Whatever. I ain't got much to say right now.

still attempting to crank out a few blogs a year at

Oh yeah the point of this post:

I have a baker's dozen of Google Wave invites - send me your email and I'll give you one.

Mine: (and the best way to contact me, and to read my google reader posts) is

fish23420 (at) gmail (dot) com

So email me if you want an invite. I have tonnes and keep getting more like every week.

blah blah blah etc. etc.

New Job...
Dec. 2007
So now I work at ACC - Austin Community College to you folks from out of town - in the South Campus. My official job title is 'Computer Lab Support Technician', which is basically...fixing computers. Not even all of them, just the ones in the library, classrooms, computer center, and media rooms. It's roughly 130, all by me. So far, it's a lot of 'down time' as they say. I'm still getting the feel for things, but I defiantly love it a bunch more than my last shit job. I even get salary! And benefits! Insurance! And more money! Whoo! It's also like a mile from my house. So it's pretty much the most awesome job I've ever had, and I really like it here so far. All my co-workers are awesome and yeah...not so much to do. I get time to read blogs again! And write! I mean, if I feel like it. Today I actually had to do some work, re-imaged a few computers, re-installed some software. And then a lot of sitting around. I also get free classes and other wonderful shits!

Well, I really anticiapted wanting to write more. But...well, the bug ain't biting. Sufficient to say, I am pretty damn happy right now with life. The downside to all of this is I'm not going to be able to go to the playa this year...but, although it would be the best year ever for it (the temple! The Theme! Etc.) I'm not too broken up about it. I actually have a job I enjoy, I'm good at, it's more hands on, and there are plenty of freshly legal young ladies to gawk at while I fix computers. Ah, the benefits of academia!

So I'm off for now to dick about...ta ta!

Dec. 2007
Well a lotta shit's happened since I last wrote in here, and when I have time, I'll update it all and shit. Anyhoo, got an awesome new job at ACC South campus being a computer tech, I have an office and shit, I even have people under me. Wow. I'm a boss! Sort of, anyways.

Well, soon enough I'll have nothing but free time and I'll update a shitload. In the mean time, if you are bored, why not join me in wasting time via MyBrute? All you need to do is like, click this here link , choose a clever name for your brute, change his/her looks and colors, and challenge me! THen you will be my pupil and we can learn to smash things together. Ooo and then later you can join the clan:

Yes, just wanted to whore that out for now. More later, dear readers. Ta ta for now!

Dec. 2007
Well this is just getting fucking weird. First, I pick up a book by John Updike, 'Run Rabbit', which I've had for months but just picked up; the next day he dies.

Then just seconds ago, I was watching some older UFC fights, like the first ones where there was no rules and Royce Gracie submitted everyone's ass, and so I wiki'd him. And then his dad, Hélio Gracie,who basically created Gracie Jiu-Jitsu...and who just died today. Well, yesterday by 15 minutes.


Should I sequester myself in a closet to prevent further deaths? Given, they were both pretty old. But damn, if I weren't just crazy enough, this might freak me out.

Hey, I found my future house!
Dec. 2007
One of my best friends sent me this picture, taking in upstate New York (Pynchon lives in New York, according to wiki, but I can't see him advertising himself like this.)

It's got the 23 AND the Muted post horn! It's like someone made a sign out of my tattoos. Now we just need an eye of horus, a dead milkmen sign, and then a star. Whee!

Also, I need a job. Any ideas?

Mistakes at work!
Dec. 2007
Well crap. I just accidentally posted the following to a worklog that was saved and sent up to desktop technicians. I wonder if this will cost me my shitty job...

"Caller says his computer gets to a strange boot screen - it wants him to boot from a disk or network drive. 'Non system or disk error...' It appears as if the machine has taken a giant shit on him."

Cussing in ticket, not so good...oh well. I hate this place anyways.

Dead Milkmen Mania
Dec. 2007
Holy shit. Saturnday night's Dead Milkmen show made and go back a decade and remember what it was like to love the band I was seeing. Exhausting, it was. I haven't been that into a band in forever, and they rocked ass.

Tons of clips:

OK more perhaps later, just man. what a fucking blast.


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